One of this season’s hottest holiday toys begins unboxing itself on Oct 1.

Spin Master’s Present Pets interactive pups are inspired by the classic dream of kids being gifted a puppy in a bow-topped box. Present Pets have already secured a spot on the Toy Insider’s legendary Hot 20 list and will be available in North America in limited supply beginning Oct. 1.

To start the unboxing process kids pull an oversized gift tag on top of each box. Immediately, the puppy inside will start barking as it begins to shake and paw its way out of the box. Eventually, the pup insider will kick the front flap down to reveal itself for the very first time!

Present Pets are available in two themes — Furry Pups and Fancy Pups — each available in two different styles.

You’ll want to act fast on Present Pets as they were just revealed for the first time today and are available to preorder at Walmart, Target, and Amazon while supplies last!