preparing kids for back to school

There are several different ways you need to prepare your child for school, including mentally, emotionally, and physically. Whatever the age, there are certain things you need to get ready for them to begin school.

Move back to an earlier schedule. If your kids are like mine are, they have spent the summer enjoy late nights and delayed mornings. Now that school is almost here, it’s time to move back to an earlier sleep schedule. If you have older children, this might be more difficult as you have less control over their schedule. However, for younger ones, get started about three weeks before school starts by moving their bedtime and wake up time up by 30 minutes. The following week, move it up again. Continue this pattern until your child is sleeping and waking during the same hours they will be when school starts.

Sharpen their minds. Since summer is winding down, it might be time to wind your kids down and start their minds working again in preparation for school. A few weeks before school starts, crack out the reading books and paper and pencil. Spend 30 minutes during the day working on reading or writing.

Go back to school clothes shopping. Physically preparing your children for school involves getting them the things that they need for school. If you like to shop for school clothes in the summer, start this about one month before school starts to get in on the sales. Retail outlets usually start their summer sales around this time. Watch the ads and sales for the best time to go.

And don’t forget the school supplies! If your school likes you to bring school supplies, watch for these sales, too. Again, shop early to ensure the best prices and best selection. Getting your kids ready for school can be a challenge, but it will make the transition back-to-school easier.