Dicovery Prehistoric Slimygloop Dig

Know any future archaeologists? This slime-filled dig is for them! The Discovery Prehistoric Slimygloop Dig, from Horizon Group, combines popular Slimygloop slime with STEM, teaching kids about fossils as they build with dinosaur bones.

Kids ages 6 and up can excavate the bones by digging their hands inside the black Slimygloop, which gets poured into the provided clear tray, and discovering pieces of “fossils,” which are dinosaur bones. The instructions encourage kids to use their hands to rub the slime off of each bone, and I found that doing so makes it easier to assemble the bones once they are all out of the slime. It takes some concentration to build both of the dinosaur skeletons with the discovered fossil pieces; make sure kids follow along with the instructions so the skeleton is a little easier to assemble.Dicovery Prehistoric Slimygloop Dig

Once they are done building, kids will have two 3D dinosaur skeletons that they can proudly play with and display! The slime is reusable if stored properly in a resealable bag, so bones can be taken apart and put back in the slime for any future digs.

As an added educational bonus, the kit comes with a colorful, informative poster that includes fun facts about fossils and teaches the science behind fossils and dinosaurs. In total, the kit includes one clear tray, two batches of Slimygloop with one dinosaur skeleton in each, and the colorful fun facts poster. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish to excavate and build both dinosaurs.