Where you might see just a desk chair, some pillows, or an old cardboard box, kids who get their hands on Power Treads from WowWee will discover some epic additions to their next creative Power Treads track!

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Power Treads are all-terrain toy vehicles that — as the name suggests — are powered by a continuous, spinning tread. There are different-sized Power Treads sets available to purchase, but each comes with at least one Power Treads vehicle and a variety of blue, plastic track pieces that snap together to form tracks for the Power Treads to race through.

When you first take the Power Treads out of the box, there is some light assembly required, and an adult will need to help. However, kids will want to have a say in the process, because you get to customize the set!

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First, there is a sticker sheet with a variety of dots, stripes, arrows, and runners that decorate the track pieces. While some of the stickers have specific spaces on the track, others are entirely up to kids’ preference. Plus, some of the stickers even glow in the dark! When applying the stickers, be sure to press firmly across the entire sticker so that it stays in place.

Next, you have to snap together plastic pieces to create the tread loop that powers the vehicle. Again, an adult will want to help with this process to make sure each piece fully snaps in place. However, the pieces come in a variety of colors, so kids can choose the pattern they want for their Power Tread. Then, it’s time for Power Treads action!

There are a variety of ways that kids can play with the Power Treads vehicle. First, they can utilize the included track pieces to configure endless possible tracks for the vehicle to navigate, including ramps and even ending in the special Power Trekker, which is by far the coolest feature of the toy. The Power Trekker basically acts as stilts for the Power Treads; walking forward on legs that are powered by the vehicle’s spinning tread.

Kids can also choose to take their Power Treads off-road, racing across floors, carpet, or even grass without the aid of a track. The set even includes two extra stabilizer pieces that help keep the vehicle from flipping over on rougher terrain — however, the Power Treads vehicle won’t fit on the regular tracks when it has these extra supports.

For the most fun, though, kids can combine those two options, incorporating both household items and pieces of the track to create epic courses for the Power Treads to navigate! Similar to creating a Rube Goldberg machine, the process takes a lot of creativity and plenty of trial and error. Can the power treads make it up this incline? Will it flip off of this jump and switch directions? The process is sure to keep kids entertained for hours — and even learning basic concepts of physics without even realizing it.

It might also take some time for kids to get used to how the Power Treads run. The vehicle moves a lot faster than you might expect, which provides an exciting visual effect but makes it a bit tricky to catch the Power Treads if it jumps off the track and starts racing away. You’ll also want to encourage kids to grab it by the middle, not by the rotating tread, to best preserve its battery life. However, kids will quickly get the hang of sticking out their foot to stop the Power Treads in its tracks or grabbing it at just the right angle before it gets away.

Overall, Power Treads offers a variety of ways to play and makes for a fantastic indoor activity that will keep kids busy and creative. The toy is also very budget-friendly, with set options ranging in price from $20-40!