Take On Galactic Battles with the Latest Power Rangers Zord

The fate of the universe relies solely on you and what you can morph into. No pressure.

Fans of the Power Rangers universe, feast your eyes on this masterpiece. Based on Power Rangers Ninja Steel—the 24th season of the franchise’s series—the Power Rangers Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Zord, from Bandai, is a three-in-one toy that is a super-sized action figure and epic play set.

Will yourself to take on the evil Galvanax by embodying the ultimate Megazord. With three different modes to morph into, kids can plot out their attack on enemy troops. The illustrated instructions help to make setup easy, and in no time, kids will have assembled their figure into Megazord mode. This heroic character stands more than 20 inches tall and features a cockpit with room for kids to play with their collection of Power Rangers figures.

Become Ultra Megazord with just a few simple twists and turns by rotating the upper body. Kids can also attach a DX Megazord (sold separately) for when it’s time to amp up their fighting techniques.

Fueled by a vengeance to restore peace in the world, morph into Fortress mode to battle and capture villains. This unique play mode transforms the oversized action figure into an explosive play set. Kids can fire the two projectiles from the gold bases, and keep their enemies behind bars in the pop-up jail cell.

Since the oversized plastic pieces are so chunky, it’s easy to snap everything together and pull it all apart to quickly transform from one mode to the next. That said, during the most epic battles, a piece of the set may fall off, but this is just a small price to pay on the road to victory. Ninja Steel warriors can quickly pop it back on with the easy snap-together pieces and continue to pulverize their enemies without losing a single beat.

It’s also full of 20 interactive sound effects that’ll add a unique touch no matter what mode kids choose to play in. The lion head makes fearsome roars that will cause enemies to cower in fear. Kids can also move the mouth of the lion up and down for a ferociously realistic look.

No matter if you are a kid who never misses an episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, or a parent who has spent nearly 25 years obsessing over this adventure-packed fandom, the newest must-have toy from Bandai will be a hit with the whole family. The element of nostalgia will entice each generation four hours of play.

Fun, fierce, and full of action, Bandai’s biggest Ninja Steel play set comes with all kinds of thrills. The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Zord takes play time to epic new heights.



Manufacturer: Bandai
MSRP: $99.00

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