Pika, Pika, Pika!

The new 10-inch plush Power Action Pikachu by Wicked Cool Toys combines action sensor technology with the soft, cuddly Pikachu plush that makes this little guy suitable for solo and group play.

Become Pikachu’s trainer with the simple switch of the “on” button (and with the insertion of included three AAA batteries), and watch your new pal come to life with a series of lights, sounds, and actions.

The motion-activated plush reacts based on a few simple actions with its 360-degree movement sensors. Press his right hand and hear a trio of electric zapping sounds or one of four signature Pika phrases in his adorable, high-pitched voice when his other hand is pressed. As buttons are pressed and he makes noises, watch his iconic red cheeks and yellow lightning-shaped tail light up.

Even more Pika-powered reactions occur when kids shake their Pokémon friend. There are four actions that Pikachu responds to with a shake: A short shake three times results in an electric zap sound, and a longer shake ends with an electric crackle sound and a “PIKA!”

Prepare Pikachu for battle and toss him up after hearing his “Pika” cry, and see where he lands. If Pikachu lands face up, he’ll happily finish his thought with a “CHU!” However, if he unsuccessfully lands face down, he expresses his defeat. Based on how Pikachu lands and what direction he faces, his sensors will react differently and you’ll hear different sound effects or see different lighting combinations illuminate.

If you shake, shake, and then shake some more (for longer than 10 seconds), you can listen as Pikachu gets a little dizzy. Oh, silly Pikachu…

With more than 15 different light and sound options, there is limitless potential for nonstop Pokémon fun. Kids can play individually with Pikachu and discover his different interactions or he can also be played between friends. Give Pikachu a friendly toss back and forth and watch his landing for a successful or unsuccessful reaction light or sound.

When kids finish exploring everything Pikachu can do with his electric powers, they can snuggle up to the cuddly plush after a long day of Pokémon training.