pound puppies

The Original Pound Puppies are back! These authentic reproductions of the hit 1980s toys look and feel just like they did over 30 years ago. This classic ’80s collection is different from the 2014 Funrise version, which you can see here. These classic canines are produced by Basic Fun! with a license from Hasbro. The new collection has six plush puppies just waiting to be adopted.

These adoptable plush pets come in a variety of colors — gray, beige, beige with brown spots, white with brown spots, light brown with dark brown spots, or red with black spots — and come with a sticker sheet, a name tag, and an adoption certificate. So, kids can write in the name they choose for their new plush pooch! They are easy to take care of, too: Just give them a little love and lots of hugs!

Each Pound Puppy comes in a box that is reminiscent of a dog crate. The box graphics look like dog fencing, and there are puppy paw cutouts for ventilation. Pound Puppies are not machine washable, but parents can help kids hand wash them.

Instructions detail how to be a responsible plush pet parent, such as being gentle and not leaving the pups in lonely places. One of the best aspects of Pound Puppies is how they promote awareness of pet adoption and encourage kids to think about rescue dogs.

Despite their foot-long length, these classic Pound Puppies are shaped for huggability. Alternatively, there are six Pound Puppy plush newborns up for adoption, wearing puppy diapers of course, that fit in the palm of kids’ hands. Yet, if large dogs wag your family’s tail, then consider adopting one of the two Jumbo Pound puppies.

Either brown or gray, large or small, these Pound Puppies are precious plush just waiting to be petted!