Here’s the thing about Daniel Tiger, the lead cartoon character from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, on PBS KIDS:  He doesn’t wear any pants. He’s decked out in a red hoodie and matching sneakers, but like many of his cartoon peers (think Squidward, Puss In Boots, and Winnie the Pooh), he has a bare bottom. That means it’s especially important for him to learn how to use the potty to avoid potentially messy and embarrassing social situations.

Kids can help Daniel Tiger with his toilet training journey, and even find some potty inspo themselves with Potty Time Daniel Tiger, from Jakks Pacific.

The adorable set includes a musical toilet with a lid that opens and closes, a spinning toilet paper roll, a play soap bottle, and a Daniel Tiger doll. Potty Time Daniel Tiger is designed for kids ages 3 and up, right around that time when little ones are starting to wean off the diapers and upgrade to the real deal, and this singing, cartoony tiger toilet helps make it less intimidating and more inviting.

The Daniel Tiger doll has moveable arms and legs so kids can stand him up or sit him down on the bowl. His stylish sweater and shoes are removable so even when he’s done going potty, kids can still interact with him for dress-up playtime.

The potty itself has a tiger motif that makes my own toilet suddenly seem very dull, with a face, tiger stripes, and ears on the back. I, for one, will keep this in mind the next time I’m in the market for a new flusher (Note to self: I wonder if I can find one at Home Depot?).

Push the handle to hear real flushing sounds as well as something a real toilet doesn’t have: The “Potty Song,” with lyrics such as “Go potty, go potty, go potty go” and “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away.” Excellent advice for any little kid, and something that applies to all ages, really.

Kids can help Daniel Tiger wash up with the pretend soap bottle, promoting proper hygiene and good, clean fun.

Growing up is hard but Potty Time Daniel Tiger will inspire little ones to ditch those diapers and embrace the bowl once and for all. As the singing tiger toilet says: Flush, and wash, and be on your way.