Post Malone concert poster | Source: Pokémon/the Toy Insider

Every year on Feb. 27, Pokémon fans get to celebrate Pokémon Day with special events, in-game content, and more. But this year, as the brand celebrates 25 years, The Pokémon Co. is really rocking this fan holiday by teaming up with singer Post Malone for a free, virtual concert.

This concert is part of P25 Music, is a year-long collaboration between Pokémon and Universal Music Group, which will produce new songs, styles, and other music moments with a Pokémon twist.

The Post Malone x Pokémon concert will be free to watch on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, the Pokémon Twitch channel, and the Pokémon 25th anniversary website starting at 7 p.m. ET on Pokémon Day. At the end of the concert, fans can expect additional details about upcoming P25 Music collaborations.

Leading up to this virtual event, The Pokémon Co. will host some activations across the brand. The company will distribute a special password on Feb. 25 that players can use to add a special Pikachu to their Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games. Following the music theme of this anniversary year, the special Pikachu will know the move “sing,” which it can’t ordinarily learn.

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Then, on Feb. 27, fans will find a curated selection of music-themed episodes on Pokémon TV, leading up to the Post Malone concert.

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