An unwrapped Pop Home ready for play | Source: Jay@Play

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Popzeez!

Popzeez from Jay@Play is a line of adorable, collectible characters that come inside miniature playsets called Pop Homes, which are shaped like popsicles and ice cream bars. To start, kids ages 5 and up can unwrap the Pop Home to reveal if it is a fruity, creamy, or chocolate-themed set (although the shape and color peeking through the wrapper can help them make a good guess). There are more than 48 “flavors” of Pop Homes to collect in all, including some rare glittery styles and an ultra-rare golden style.

The full lineup of Popzeez characters | Source: Jay@Play

Then, the real fun begins when kids open the Pop Home to reveal the Popzeez character hidden inside. Each figure is less than an inch tall and features a large, cubed head with big eyes and a smaller body. While they live inside sweet-treat homes, these tiny cuties all have animal-inspired designs, complete with horns, ears, and antlers.

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In addition to the Popzeez figure, kids will find five additional surprises. This includes two decor item accessories for the Pop Home (such as a stereo, a chair, or a lamp) and a fashion accessory for the Popzeez figure, like glasses or a hat. The set also comes with an entry for the Pop Home, which could be a ladder, stairs, or a slide. The final surprise is a scented card that has a joke printed on it (for example: “What do you call a cupcake with no icing?” “A muffin!”), alongside illustrations of Popzeez characters.

That’s still not everything inside the Pop Home, though! Kids will also find a collector’s guide that lists every Popzeez character, along with an ice cube stand that they can use to prop up the Pop Home during play.


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Aside from the cuteness, the best thing about Popzeez is that all of the pieces fit nicely inside the portable Pop Home, which makes the sets great for on-the-go play. When kids collect multiple Popzeez, they can also mix and match accessories and Pop Homes for even more play value. Speaking of play value, it’s also a huge plus that the packaging doubles as a play space for the collectible figures. This encourages imaginative play, even if kids have just one Popzeez.

These sweet collectibles are available in stores individually or as a pack of four from The four-packs also come with a bonus surprise Popzeez figure!