Ready for a building experience like none other? Enter Popoids Deluxe Building Set, by Kahootz, a building set where colorful, bendy tubes become the framework of kids’ creations.

If you’re wondering how this building set got the name Popoids, you’ll quickly learn after getting your hands on one of these unique tubes. These tubes bend, stretch, twist,  and can be decompressed squished, while simultaneously letting quirky popping noises rip. 

Unlike a LEGO set where once the pieces are put down, the model can’t change—a Popoids structure can always be tweaked. Just bend a tube, or stretch it out and watch all the ways the structure can transform. To keep the tubes together and give kid’s contraption some stability, an assortment of different shaped connectors, to enhance building are included.

The set includes 36 Popoids tubes, and 24 Popoids connectors, in all different colors. If you’ve ever had an obsession with popping the bubbles on bubble wrap, you’ll most definitely enjoy the noise popoids make when stretched and squeezed. The tubes can be pretty addicting to mindlessly fidget with TBH—but beware, depending on how you bend the Popoids, it could sound like you have bad gas!

The great thing about Popoids is there are endless possibilities. While an idea guide comes included in the set, Popoids allows kids to really think outside the box to build their crazy and unique contraption. While with a typical LEGO set, kids are expected to build a traditional model, such as a building or vehicle, Popoids doesn’t limit kids to just a few select structures. Kids can create any structure known to man, or come up with their own funky model. Popoids gives kids the opportunity to be inventive and creatively construct—and also make bizarre noises with plastic!

Who’s ready to get popping?