Popcorn Poppin Game

There are few sensory experiences in this world that compare to making a bag of popcorn. The combination of the smell of the butter, the anticipation, and — of course — that glorious popping sound.

YULU‘s Popcorn Poppin’ puts a fun “Pop” into game night. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this game is great for the whole family to gather ’round and play. With big, chunky popcorn pieces and easy-to-learn gameplay, even younger kids can join in the fun, and parents will love to play along.

The game is sort of like hot potato — players simply pull on the cord to start the timer and pass the popcorn container around the circle until it pops. Whoever is holding it when it pops is out!

For an added challenge, the game also comes with a die that has commands. Because this game is all about the “pop,” this die isn’t your regular die: Players press down on the top of it and pop it up to roll it. Players can land on commands, such as “skip” to skip the next player, “next” to pass the bucket to the next player, “reverse” to pass the bucket in the opposite order, “repeat” to pop the die again, and “choose” to pass to the player of your choice. This level of the game helps keep it interesting for kids as they get older, so it’s not a game that will just be tossed once they outgrow its simple beginnings.

The best part of this poppin’ popcorn is that it’s mess-free — no buttery, salty hands and very little cleanup. The popcorn pieces are large, so although they pop out of the game, they’re easy to find to play another round.

With quick and easy-to-learn gameplay, Popcorn Poppin’ is sure to be a blockbuster hit for your family game night.