With Buffalo GamesPop—The Ultimate Balloon Challenge Family Party Game, kids (and even adults) ages 8 and up can enjoy as many as 50 action-packed balloon games. Included in the set are 50 different Pop! game cards, 30 balloons, 12 mini cups, eight stomp strings, and a pump so players can quite literally save their breath.

To begin the balloon bedlam, kids can start by blowing up one balloon for every player involved. Next, players divide themselves into two teams and inflate two team balloons. Teams can decorate it with their team name, draw on it, or dress it up however they wish. Think of it as a team mascot of sorts, and a representation of life in the game.

When it’s time to start, a team flips over three Pop! game cards and presents them face up to all participants. That team then chooses which one of the three challenges they’d like to compete in. Players might have to race one another with a balloon between their legs, use escaping air to knock down a line of cups, or complete a series of claps while their balloon is mid-air. Whichever team wins get to pick the cards and the challenge for the next round.

The team that wins five balloon challenges first gets to deflate the opponents’ spirits by popping their team balloon. It’s basically the equivalent of King Leonidas’ push-kick in the movie 300, so you most definitely want to taste victory.

Each Pop! game card features a unique challenge with its own set of specific rules, so players can enjoy a wide range of challenges with this family party game. The assortment of challenges keeps the game interesting and adds a lot of play value to the set. And for even more fun, players can create their own challenges, create their own cards, and even raise the stakes.