slammer hammer

Get ready to pop till you drop!

Earlier this year, Yulu launched Pop Pops, which combines bubble wrap, collectibles, and slime for a new kind of unboxing experience. Now, the Pop Pop Snotz Slammer Hammer adds even more levels of play to this silly, satisfying toy line.

For those unfamiliar, Pop Pops are little packets of slime designed for kids ages 5 and up. When kids pop each bubble, they’re always met with a burst of slime and sometimes also find a small, rubber, collectible figure hidden inside.

The Pop Pop Snotz Slammer Hammer comes with 18 of these slime-filled bubbles (all green, which is where the “Snotz” aspect comes into play). With this set, instead of only popping these bubbles with their hands, kids can also use the included hammer to smash them open, Wack-A-Mole style.

As you may expect, smashing the bubbles creates a satisfying pop and an accompanying burst of slime. The amount of slime in each bubble is small enough to prevent major messes, but an adult should still ensure that kids smash and play with the slime on an appropriate surface.

The hammer has some other fun features, too, in addition to its obvious smashing function. To start, part of the head unscrews to reveal an airtight, split compartment where kids can store the Pop Pops slime, so they can play with it again and again.

slammer hammer

When it comes to playing with that slime, kids can also detach the handle of the hammer to discover a slime syringe. The syringe is most effective when sucking up a decent amount of slime, which kids can discover as they combine slime from multiple Pop Pops. The satisfaction of squirting the slime nearly rivals that of the initial pop. However, be sure to clean the syringe out between each use.

The hammer’s third feature is another storage option: The syringe plunger, which lives in the handle, features eight small compartments where kids can keep the Snotz figures they uncover. They’ll find eight hidden within this set, but they can continue to expand their collection with additional packs of Pop Pops — there are 60 Snotz to collect in all, including some special-edition, glow-in-the-dark Snotz.

Between the storage spaces and syringe feature, this set truly expands the life and play value of an already-fun unboxing toy. It combines many of the trends kids love for a gooey good time.