fa095-2Toddlers seem to never run out of energy and Fat Brain Toys’ Teeter Popper is a toy designed to keep up with kids’ desire to play all day long. The Teeter Popper looks like a wacky unbalanced seat and when you flip it over there are actually tons of suction cups on the bottom  that’s where the “Pop!” comes in. With this toy there’s no wrong or right way to play, so kids can choose to stand, sit, rock, tilt, wobble, wiggle, and spin on it while the toy makes fun “Pop-pop-pop-pop” sounds.

Available in bright blue, green, and pink, the Teeter Popper arouses kids’ curiosity (I mean just look at how cool it looks!) and stimulates their senses, engages their imaginations, and encourages creativity. Although I’m not 3-years old I still had a blast sitting on the toy and wiggling around the floor to create the “popping” sounds  it’s similar to the sounds of bubble wrap popping.

5It takes some concentration at first to figure out what you’re even supposed to do on the toy, but once you start attempting new movements and stop caring about how silly you look (I don’t think toddlers have that problem, though) then you’re able to really get the most out of the toy  and even a little workout!

In the midst of playful exploration, kids’ core strength, stability, balance, coordination, and gross-motor skills will all be challenged, making this toy a great means for physical play. There are no special skills needed and there are unlimited ways to play. The Teeter Popper is made of a highly durable plastic body which can hold up to 110 pounds, so even big kids can try to get in on the fun.