Summer—the best season of the year—is almost here! Picture weekend barbecues, family vacations, and roasting s’mores on a bonfire. Now, grab your bathing suit, floaties, and goggles, because we’re all invited to a pool party!

Pool Party, from Blue Orange Games, is a fast-paced party game that challenges up to four players to successfully land their team’s divers into a pool. What’s the catch? A spring holds up this topsy-turvy pool, so it will easily spill over and toss everyone out.

Each player gets nine cards made from a thick plastic material, which makes them easy to flick. Simply put some pressure on the folded edge to send your player into a cannonball and into the pool. Pro tip: The more folded your pieces are, the easier it is to propel them forward.

Players will easily get the hang of what angles and distances they can pull off to get their players into the pool. The first player to successfully land three divers into the pool wins. As more pieces land in the pool, it’ll tip over, swing, and throw some pieces out. So if you’re a little behind, never give up, because you never know when you might pull ahead next! (This advice applies to both the game and in real life.)

Pretty soon everyone’s pieces will end up everywhere, so if you’re more competitive (the Toy Insider team’s savage level is very high), then you may or may not swat out missed or fallen game pieces to get them further away from the player who needs them. All’s fair in love and family game night, amiright?

Accuracy and speed are key in this hilarious, high-energy game. You can also modify the rules a bit to make them your own. We tried a round in which the person who gets five pieces in the pools wins, and that added even more chaos and fun to it.

In Pool Party, players jump in for a swim and stay for the win!