Toy Reviews 2016

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Poof Pop Fly’s flying balls!

Alex Toys‘ newest backyard game is mash-up that’ll take this summer’s BBQs and backyard parties up a notch. Poof Pop Fly gives cornhole, the classic summer staple, a transformation into a modern and exciting game that will get kids up and out this summer.

The object of the two-player game is simple: Kids throw their bean bags on the orange pop fly paddle, watch as an orange ball flies into the air, and they then sprint to catch the fly ball before it hits the ground. Whoever catches the most balls wins the game.

Once kids are ready to prove their Pop Fly technique, players put the balls in the middle of the purple game piece. After they take three bean bags each, they stand on opposite sides of the game and face each other. As they take turns, both players throw a bean bag and aim for the orange paddles on the game piece. If a player hits one right on the target, an orange ball will fly up in the air and that player must run and catch it before it lands on the ground. Whoever catches the most balls at the end of the game is the winner.

While it sounds simple in theory, mastering the art of the game is an entirely different story. Take it from someone who’s ego had to suffer a couple of knocks before finally grasping the perfect combination of toss, force, and trajectory.

Here are a couple of factors that kids should keep in mind while they play: the distance from the game, the power of their tosses, and the pros and cons of upper and under-hand tosses.

Not too surprisingly, the further away a player is from the game, the more difficult it is to hit the target. If kids want to challenge themselves, they may take a few daring steps back, otherwise, there’s no shame for them to stand only a couple of feet away from the game. Another thing to keep in mind is that even if a player hits the paddle, if it’s not a powerful enough throw, the force will not send a ball into the air. Also, there are perks as well as disadvantages to which way you throw the bean bag. For example, while under-hand tosses may not be as powerful as upper-hand tosses, they are easier to control the path that the bean bag takes.

Once the warm weather (finally) rolls in, spectators should grab a hot dog and a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, and watch as this soon-to-be backyard staple for families turns BBQs into Pop Fly battles.