Perfect for easter baskets, a special toy treat, or just because they are so cute: You may want to grab some Pomsie Poos as soon as ‘poo’ssible!

Skyrocket Toys  takes its lovable, wearable, popular pom pom pets into micro territory with the introduction of Pomsie Poos. The Poos are miniature versions of 2018’s adorable Pomsies interactive plush. The baby versions don’t have the electronics features, but they do feature the same fuzzy, wrap-around tails.

There are 12 Pomsie Poos to collect, and they are small enough to take anywhere. Kids can clip them to a backpack, purse, or belt loop using the heart-shaped clasp. Or kids can wear the pets by wrapping their tails around a finger, ponytail, or shoelaces.

Collect the color you crave, like the Amazon exclusive black and white, or the sweet Pink Unicorn at Target. Maybe you want to cuddle the Koala, the cat, the bunny, fox, dog, or the other pretty poo critters! Whatever your reason for becoming a pile of goo over these Pomsie Poos, you’ll love taking one home.