Polly Pocket is back with new additions to her World Assortment! The collection gets bigger, but Polly always stays true to her pocket size.

Kids ages 4 and up can explore the wee world of the Polly Pocket universe in new, animal-themed playsets from Mattel, including Hedgehog Café, On The Farm Piggy, Jumpin’ Style Pony, and Corgi Cuddles. All of them are cute, carriable, and conveniently compact so kids can bring a part of Polly’s world anywhere they go.

Every compact is shaped like its titular animal and is about 5 inches tall, but doubles in size when fully opened. Each set includes five twistable, swingable, and/or foldable features and plenty of tiny details to match its theme. For example, the Corgi Cuddles Compact features a pet hotel with a sliding elevator and a bone-shaped pool, while the Jumpin’ Style Pony compact has a spinning podium and a miniature, moveable showerhead.

Each set comes with two 1-inch Polly Pocket dolls, some animal figures, and rubber clothing pieces — such as aprons and skirts — to dress the dolls in. There is also a secret comb for kids to discover, hidden in each of the sets. (Here’s a hint: The Hedgehog Café comb is stashed inside the orange couch!) One of the animal figures that comes with each set has rooted hair, and kids can use the comb to style it.

All of these interactive features and animal friends are perfect for encouraging an imaginative play experience, and the sets are also designed for on-the-go fun. The playsets weigh about 8.5 ounces each and include a flexible, rubber strap attached at the top so kids can wear them comfortably as a wristlet. The strap is securely attached to the case, but nonremovable, so kids may have to tie it back during play so it won’t dangle inside the set.

The Polly dolls and animals cannot always stand on their own — unlike the vintage Polly Pocket playsets, there are no indents for Polly’s feet to stand in, nor for her animals. These sets also do not have the more recent Pollystick adhesive feature. However, because each micro-doll is articulated with five moveable joints, Polly and her friends can sit on couches and chairs or reach for items in their respective playsets.

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Kids will also have to be careful about keeping their Polly Pockets and additional trinkets secure, as the pieces are easy to misplace. Fortunately, the dolls and animals can be stored comfortably within their animal-shaped capsules, so they are ready for action whenever the kids want to play in Polly’s World again!

Check out Polly and friends in these compact sets and more — there’s always a new pocket-sized world to explore!