Pikachu left the battle dome arena and entered a magical world far, far, away. Inside this whimsical world, everything is tiny—saturated in hues of yellow, pink, light green, purple, and sky blue. It’s not the type of secret hideaway realm you would picture Pikachu, or any of the Pokémon clan, traveling into. Eeep! It’s so adorable! La di da di da.

This particular wonderland is called Escape The Forest Playset, part of the Pokémon Petite Pals, by TOMY. Pikachu has shrunk to the size of a gum drop, along with Oshawott, Fennekin, and Fletchling. While they’re little figures, they sure come with big adventure (and also suction cups to help them stand up tall so the magic winds don’t blow them away!). In my opinion this tree house abode gives off Animal Crossing Pocket Camp vibes.

The Tree House comes with a collection of furniture and accessories—a cute wooden table, a bed, a mushroom for the front yard, a telephone, etc. The house itself, which is a tree-turned-loft, includes a stair set, a tree swing, a bird house, a mailbox, and a manual elevator to reel packages upstairs (so fetch!). Kids will be able to arrange the furniture in the tree house however they want. They’ll also be able to deck it out it with the included sticker sheet.

Basically, whatever vision you have of Pokemon in your head—that’s canceled! This is a retreat to the forest. Everything is now miniature and extra cute. Take the Pokémon out of the battle arena, and transplant them to a unique tree house and who knows what could happen? Think of the storylines kids will come up with. Literally, someone wake me up. Is this a dream? How is this so cute?

Besides the forest play set, TOMY’s Pokémon Petite Pals line also features House Party Playset and a Garden Hutt for more fun adventures into magical worlds with the Pokémon squad.