For more than 20 years, Pikachu has become kids’ best friend in different ways, from being trained on Nintendo devices or coming alive in the TV series. Every kid dreams of capturing a Pikachu when they first set out on their quests to catch ’em all and become Pokémon masters. And this year, TOMY is electrifying the playing field with the cutest Pikachu yet, making that entirely possible.

Kids can snuggle up with My Friend Pikachu this holiday season. This 10-inch cozy plush looks exactly what I imagine it to look like if I reached into my TV screen and grabbed the adorable little electric-type out into real life.

Pikachu’s pint-sized body is covered in bright yellow, soft fur. Its embroidered eyes, smile, and red cheeks gives it a friendly face to play with every day.

When kids hug Pikachu or squeeze its belly, its ears will move and its cheeks will light up a bright red, just as if it was about to perform one of its signature Thunderbolt moves. It will also activate one of more than 10 sounds and phrase straight from the TV series. And, come on, who could resist an adorable, “Pikaaaa-Pikaaa” phrase?!

With the summer release of Pokémon Go, and the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon hitting shelves in two short months, the franchise remains as relevant as ever. Fans will always be saying, “Pikachu, I choose you!” for more years to come.