Whether your child loves to put on mom’s shoes and walk around the house, or you’re constantly pulling out the dress-up trunk full of old suits, plastic tiaras, and maybe a knight’s shield or two, kids love to engage their imaginations through role play. One thing kids don’t always love to do, though, is wear their helmets. Pogginz are changing that.

Pogginz_Shark HelmetPogginz are unique accessories for kids’ helmets, designed to let them fuse active outdoor playtime with their larger-than-life imaginations. Designed to adhere to any flat helmet, Pogginz are easy to apply and will give kids unlimited access to fun. Little girls (or boys) can pop on Sparkle, the Pogginz Princess to royally ride around town sporting this adorable tiara and multi-colored veil. Or, for the more adventurous kids, stick on Finn, the Pogginz Shark, coupled with Razor, a set of teeth, for a chomping good time. Additional designs include Spike and Hook, two different dinosaurs, and Steer, a fun set of horns.

Pogginz_PrincessPogginz attach to helmets using Velcro pieces, so once kids stick them on, they are easy to remove or interchange with other Pogginz accessories. Kids can even mix and match pieces from different sets to invent their own unique creature. Princess dinosaur, anyone?

Each piece is made of glitter vinyl, so they are soft to the touch and won’t get in the way of safety at all. Pogginz are great for encouraging kids to wear their helmets no matter what they are doing, whether it’s bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, or scooting. Between the imaginative fun they inspire and the adorable design, Pogginz are the perfect fit for summer fun.

Check out how easy they are to apply: