Cooome on down!

Buffalo Games brings Price Is Right directly to your home — no Drew Carey included — with the new family game Plinko. In the game show, Plinko helps people take home the money and the at-home version helps families win something much more valuable: a great time!

It’s not required — but absolutely recommended — to run around your house screaming before beginning the game. Odd costumes and the hope of winning thousands are also encouraged. Whether or not you do this, the game technically starts with a question round based on the classic games fans of daytime television know and love. Answer the questions correctly to get Plinko chips. After five rounds it’s time to see what’s behind door number one!

Okay, there are no doors with cars or washing machines behind them. The next step is actually to drop the Plinko chips into the gameboard. It may not be large enough that you need stairs to get to the top of it, but at 26 inches tall it is big on fun. It’s a colorful board that brings back memories to many and can be assembled quickly and easily. Some may take “premium wooden board” to mean it’s a hefty piece of lumber but in actuality, it’s a thin, durable board that is easy to move around.

Parents will need to install three AAA batteries in it ahead of time for the lights and sounds to dazzle. Players drop their chips into it to activate the noises and colorful display — and to work their way towards victory. The player whose chips land on the highest numbers wins!

Plinko has been a favorite of kids who pretended to be sick in order to stay home and watch TV for years, and this game finally brings it home. It’s a competitive game, but kids can feel like they’re working together as they ask five questions each during the question round. They’re able to take turns but ultimately declare one winner — and that’s priceless.