Three, two, one…. blast off!

The Space Rocket with Launch Site, from Playmobil, gets kids up close and personal with space exploration. Aspiring space explorers can build up their own launch site—without all the super complicated rocket science.

Complete with working lights and sounds, this rocket is mission-ready. Kids will love to role-play their very own space launch to discover new worlds. The set includes two figures, a rocket, a launch structure, a satellite, a repair robot, mechanical tools, a computer, and tons of other accessories. Kids can build up and set up their rocket launch site how they see fit, and then prepare to take the journey into the great beyond. The rocket and its accessories are full of intricate details, so kids can pretend to be building up the real thing. The best accessory is that repair robot—who’s like a practical Wall-E to help solve all kids’ rocket maintenance needs.

After kids get their launch site set up, there are tons of opportunities for imaginative role play. They can make sure that everything is ready to go for their next space mission, or blast off the rocket and take the two included figures on a journey full of exploration. They can flex those creativity muscles and imagine their own space adventures, discovering new worlds or exploring the ones we already know exist. This playtime could inspire a new interest in kids—one that could lead them to be the next Buzz Aldrin or John Glenn.

From popular entertainment franchies such as Star Wars and Star Trek to exciting real-life stories like the first moon landing and discovering new moons, space is always a fascinating subject, especially for kids, because there is so much of the unknown to discover. Aspiring astronauts, rocket scientists, and explorers of all kinds will love building up this set, preparing for launch, and then blasting off into new worlds. Although space may be the final frontier, imaginations are limitless.