Become an NHL Hockey Pro with Playmobil’s NHL Hockey Set

playmobil-nhl-hockey-arenaGet ready to skate into action to win the Stanley Cup with Playmobil’s NHL Hockey Arena.

Kids can play a new game of table hockey in their home with this buildable play set. The Playmobil NHL Hockey Arena includes a tabletop arena, four movable NHL players ready for game day in their hockey uniforms and helmets, hockey sticks, goals, a gameplay booklet, and a sliding scoreboard.

Players can choose to hit the ice as the red or blue team and battle it out to see which team reigns supreme. Kids can shoot and pass the puck by pulling a lever that swings the player’s stick and sends the puck flying down the ice toward the opposing goal. The hockey players glide all around the arena with ease for fast paced ice hockey action. Kids can move the goalie figure side to side by swiveling the joystick to try to block the puck of the opposing team and make amazing saves.

Kids can customize the hockey arena using decals from their favorite NHL teams and stick numbers to each player’s jersey to represent their favorite real-world hockey stars. I customized my hockey arena set with New York Rangers decals because my pride is deep in blue. Let’s go Rangers!

The NHL set has a sturdy construction so kids can simply snap the arena together and clip the figures to the movable bases. Kids can play with the figures on or off the ice, if their imaginations should take the hockey action outside of the arena.

Kids ages 5 and up or hockey aficionados of any age will enjoy endless fast-paced hockey matches with this set. Get ready to hit the ice anytime and enjoy a healthy dose of competition.



Manufacturer: Playmobil
MSRP: $59.99

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