Playmobil Mermaid Cove

Mermaids have long been one of those go-to play themes that kids love to play with and toymakers love to revisit. Seldom is there really any innovation beyond slapping aquatic tails on a few fashion dolls here and there which is one of the reasons why the new Magical Mermaids collection from Playmobil is so much fun: It’s different and it combines play patterns.

Launched in the U.S. this spring, the Magical Mermaids collection puts kids in control of an underwater world filled with Mermaid families including Mermaids, Mermen, Merboys, and Mergirls. There are even tiny little Mer-babies, one of which comes packed with its own family and Shell Stroller! Each figure comes in the classic Playmobil size and scale, complete with multiple accessories including bracelets, headbands, capes, handbags, drinkware, and more. One unique feature is the articulated tails, which can be positioned to allow the figures to sit or stand.

The centerpiece of the Magical Mermaids collection is the Mermaid Cove with Illuminated Dome. This playset is the perfect locale for adventures under the sea. It includes multiple towers, dolphins, starfish, fish, seahorses, clamshells, coral, and more. Throughout the Magical Mermaids collection, kids will find collectible colored pearls that can be used with the Mermaid Cove’s winding marble slide.

Kids can place a pearl at the top and release it to send it down the slide. As each pearl passes through and underneath the illuminated dome, a colorful light show begins — changing colors with each passing pearl. The pearls are collected in a pool at the bottom of the slide. The marble play aspect was an immediate hit at our house.

Pearl Shell Nightlight

The Pearl Shell Nightlight comes with three figures, an underwater cave, and a host of fun accessories. The clamshell glows with comforting light that shuts off after 15 minutes. Kids can place it on their nightstands to use it as a real nightlight after playtime!

Playmobil Mermaids Review

When the Magical Mermaids collection was first announced, I was a little concerned that water would be involved. While I have no problem with water play, sometimes the prospect of a mess in the house is, shall we say, less than appealing. Fellow parents may be happy to know that no water is required here — and since lights are involved, you won’t want kids using water with these playsets.

However, some of the included sea life — such as the dolphins and turtles — can actually float! Kids can use their figures in the bathtub for an additional element of fun, which is something that my 7-year-old certainly appreciates.