Join the Playmobil Explorers as they embark on a new adventure on Dino Island. The Hidden Temple with T-Rex play set is like Jurassic Park meets the Temple of Doom. Whether kids watch the 10-minute video short to get a sense of the story line, or set off traversing the temple terrain right away, this set packs a play punch.

As you tour the ancient structure, you’ll find that the secret map holds—well—a secret. Rub the map to reveal a hidden path where X marks the spot—the heat of your finger changes the image—but don’t look at the map for too long because you may be overtaken by the T. rex! The included dino has movable arms, legs, and jaws for realistic motion that kids will enjoy. Another kid-approved feature is the Playmobil-sized functioning laser gun and working temple gate.The interactivity of this set continues with the functioning pulley to bring needed equipment up to the top floor. One of the best features is the included UV flashlight that reveals glow-in-the dark features. Don’t tell the kiddos what they’ll find—it’s more fun to let them search and discover what happens. Hint: shine the UV light on the ruin’s crystal eyes, jungle plant, wall map, and the dinosaur’s eyes to see what appears.

To round out the detailed active play is that this Playmobil set also includes the full Explorers team– Nick, Emma, and Will, and their pet dog Sammy. The set has a pretend laptop, camera, gold statue, microscope, backpacks, storage containers, hiking equipment, and lots of other accessories to encourage shared role-play interactions. A parent-approved feature is the large storage chest that is just the right size to store those pretend items when they are not in play.

As with all Playmobil products, this set can be integrated into other Playmobil play sets, and the individual pieces can be used separate from the temple, so kids can seek, search and scout where ever their imaginations take them.