Most kids will go through a spy phase at some point in their life — or they may already be in the thick of one if they’re fans of the Spy Ninjas web series!

Spy Ninjas is an online adventure series starring real-life married couple Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint as they go on spy adventures, combining problem-solving and ninja action. Kids can practice their spy skills at home with a Spy Ninjas collection from Playmates Toys.

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The Spy Ninjas New Recruit Mission Kit includes an invisible ink Secret Message Spy Pen, a Ninja Noise Enhancer listening device, a decoder wheel, activity books, and more items to help kids become Spy Ninja members. The Project Zorgo Infiltration Mission Kit includes a hacker mask, a voice morpher, a decoder wheel, activity books, and more items that kids can use to go undercover as a hacker to help the Spy Ninjas.

Both products are recommended for kids ages 6 and up and are available now!