Get ready for the “Mesmerizing feel-good fluffy stuff!” That’s what’s printed on the front of Pluffle, a new tactile compound for kids ages 5 and up from Educational InsightsPlayfoam line.

The Pluffle doesn’t quite fit into any existing category. It’s not as fine as play sand, and it’s not as sculptable as original Playfoam. It is somewhere in the ballpark of foam, shredded paper, and rubber playground gravel all rolled into one. Pluffle separates into its smaller pieces, but it also sticks together, to an extent. The result: When you squish it or cobble it back together, it slowly expands and breaks into its smaller parts, almost as if it’s alive. When it’s looser, kids can run their hands through it for a different tactile experience.

Pluffle comes inside a clear plastic tube that is about two thirds of the way full. In addition to squishing and playing with it outside of the tube, kids can flip the tube upside down to watch the Pluffle pieces flow bit by bit, which is satisfying.

When playing with Pluffle outside of its tube, kids’ best bet is to do so on a table, a tray, or another contained, easy-to-clean surface so that pieces of Pluffle don’t get everywhere. When it’s time to clean up, kids can use a clump of Pluffle to pick up the smaller bits!

Playfoam Pluffle comes in eight colors: purple, pink, yellow, green, black, red, blue, and orange. It’s available to purchase in two-packs or four-packs.

With Pluffle, kids will get a truly unique compound — which is hard to find — that’s as fun to watch as it is to squish.