Ariel is one of the best Disney princesses out there — she’s got plenty of whozits and whatzits, a treasure-filled collection, an incredible voice, and flowing, perfect locks that are never out of place. If I had a friend like the young mermaid, I’d only want to have play dates in her grotto surrounded by miles and piles of unique treasures untold. What could be better?

Thanks to Jakks Pacific, Playdate Ariel is here to join our lifesize princess party! Just like their lifesize doll versions of Rapunzel, Maximus, and Sven, the iconic redheaded mermaid is ready for her chance on land.

Kids can pose and play with the 32-inch doll, setting her in a variety of positions thanks to her articulated neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. The lightweight doll comes dressed in Ariel’s iconic (and stylish) ensemble, including a removable purple bikini top and a sequined green “tail” skirt. But her look is far from complete as is: The doll also comes with a tiara and a dinglehopper brush to tame her luscious locks.

playdate ariel

Because Ariel just wants to be where the people are, walking around on those — what do you call ’em? — feet, the doll has her human feet underneath her tail. So, kids ages 3 and up can remove her tail-skirt when she’s ready to stand.

Ariel joins the Playdate family just in time for the milestone 30th anniversary of The Little Mermaid. With this kid-sized doll, kids can act out their favorite scenes from the classic film and bring the littlest mermaid to life. The detailed doll features everything aspiring princesses love about Ariel and her now-iconic look.

The poseable doll comes with long, flowing locks of which even I am envious. Brush it out and style it with the included dinglehopper because what else would you use? Much like the Playdate Rapunzel doll, the long hair comes with the likelihood of tangles. So, remind kids to brush carefully to avoid any tangles and to keep Ariel’s mane looking pretty.

Jakks’ Ariel collection also includes a Music & Lights Vanity and a Pearl Jewelry Box (each sold separately) that pair perfectly with the life-sized doll to help the young princess get glam and ready for enchanting sea adventures ahead.

Time for the next play date up where kids stay all day in the sun, wandering free, and having fun with their new princess pal!