Any Blue’s Clues & You! fan knows that Blue loves to play. Now, kids can join the blue pup, or her best friend Magenta, in a game that doesn’t require any clues: peek-a-boo!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the new Peek-A-Blue and Peek-A-Boo Magenta plush toys from Just Play offer a simple but fun way to interact with these characters from the Nick Jr. show.

When kids squeeze Blue or Magenta’s tummy, their ears pop up to uncover their eyes. As their ears go up, Blue and Magenta also bark in different patterns and tunes. The two versions are basically the same in how they function, but Blue does have a bit more variety in how she barks.

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These toys have a few features clearly designed to make the user experience easier for both kids and parents. For example, each 10-inch plush has a flat, weighted bottom so it can sit up on its own. This makes it easier for kids to push the tummy button without also having to hold up the toy.

It isn’t easy to push the tummy button by mistake, but even if kids do get an accidental ear in the face, it won’t hurt at all — the ears are made almost entirely of plush and pop up without significant speed or force.

Also, despite the interior mechanics, these plush are still very soft and cuddly, and make for a perfect buddy for watching Blues Clues & You! They even feature each character’s special paw print on the front left paw. These shiny, darker paw prints are the ones that Blue and Magenta use in the show to mark clues.

Finally, when the time comes for quiet play, the Peek-A-Boo plush have an off switch on their bottoms, hidden under a velcroed flap of plush. This won’t stop the toy’s ears from popping up, but it does disable the barking phrases.

The Peek-A-Blue and Peek-A-Boo Magenta plush are part of a whole line of new Blue’s Clues & You! toys from Just Play that are available now at Walmart, including an interactive 2-Sided Handy Dandy Notebook. Check them all out here, and get ready to have your own Blue’s Clues adventures!

Photos: Just Play/The Toy Insider