One of my favorite things about Crayola is the gender-neutral approach they take to creativity. With products featuring vibrant primary colors, nothing particularly screams “boy” or “girl,” specifically. Avoiding the traditional color stereotypes of pink for girls and blue for boys allows Crayola to focus solely on inspiring creativity in all kids.

Play N Fold Art StudioA great new product for this holiday season is the Crayola Play ’N Fold Art Studio, from Grow’n Up Ltd. A two-in-one convertible play station, the art desk converts into an easel for kids ages 3 and up. The easel features an easy-to-clean magnetic dry-erase board and a large clip to hold paper securely in place while kids unleash their artistic imaginations.

With elevated storage for crayons, chalk, paint, and markers, kids can keep everything they need to release their inner-Picasso right in one place. The art studio includes four sheets of colored paper, 77 magnetic letters and numbers, and an eraser to get kids started on their creative journey (but no crayons, markers, or paint, so be sure to have an assortment handy). Kids can stand at the easel and let their paintbrush glide smoothly across a sheet of paper, or they can plop down on the included stool and diligently doodle at the desk. Perfect for any little creative genius looking to line the walls of his or her room with original creations, the Play ’N Fold Art Studio is the all-in-one solution.