Play Maysie | Source: Play Maysie

This modern spin on a childhood favorite will stretch kids’ imaginations while helping those in need.

Kayla Lupien, a mother from Ohio, set up a Kickstarter for a new line of eco-friendly dollhouses called Play Maysie. Inspired by the design of vintage, tin lunch boxes, Play Maysie inspires big imagination with a portable box that folds out on both sides to reveal interchangeable, magnetic rooms. Each set features fixed, wooden furniture for a mess-free play environment and pieces that won’t get lost. The rooms emulate different settings, such as bedrooms, kitchens, and picnics.

Play Maysie | Source: Play Maysie

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Play Maysie is made from renewable materials, including tin, wood, and magnets, and the products will be shipped in eco-friendly packaging materials.

For every three dollhouses sold, Play Maysie will donate one to kids entering foster care. The Kickstarter will launch on March 3.