Edible and food-themed compounds have been all the rage this year, and Play-Doh’s latest addition to its Kitchen Creations line is no exception. Kids can have a p-p-poppin’ good time with the Popcorn Party Play Food Set!

The compound-centric playset includes everything kids need to make creative, popcorn-themed masterpieces, from the classic, buttery treat to innovative mixes that’ll have the whole family yearning for a sweet movie night. The set includes six cans of Play-Doh in both 1- and 2-ounce cans, along with two creation cards that feature step-by-step recipes.

Kids can swirl together white and yellow doh for a buttery effect and then use the machine to crank pretend popcorn into the three buckets, which come in small, medium, and large. Next, they’ll mix it up with silly snack mixes and add fun, play-food toppings, such as pretend pretzels, crazy candy, and more using the candy-themed stamps and molds. Want to throw some Oreos into that popcorn bucket? Have at it! Feel like chomping on some chocolate cookies? Whip some up! They can even squeeze silly syrup or butter on top using the syrup tool.

Note: Parents should expect the colors to eventually get all mixed up, and be prepared with some backup cans of Play-Doh on hand. This is more of a concern with the add-on treats and snacks than with creating plain popcorn.

Chefs in training and kids obsessed with molding and compounds will all enjoy breaking out this set for an hour or two of crazy confectionary fun.