Play-DohMothers enjoy styling their little one’s hair with crazy ribbons, high ponytails, plaits of different genres, spikes, fringes, and more. With the Play-Doh Crazy Cuts play set, from Hasbro, children can earn their chance to become a hair stylist.

Just right for kids ages 3 and up, Play-Doh Crazy Cuts allows children to mold colorful clay into wacky hairstyles. The play set comes with the Play-Doh compound in six bright shades, two barber chairs, two styling molds, four cutting tools, and three character thimbles—a man, a woman, and a child—each ready for a haircut.

Dig out the colorful Play-Doh compound from the bucket and push it inside the character thimbles. You can use one color or mix as many as you like. Set up the barber’s chair so that its pedal allows its lever to go up or down with every rotation. Then place the character on the chair, so that the base of the thimble slides into the slot on the seat.

OrangeNow rotate the pedal to push the clay into the thimbles, allowing colorful noodles of hair to grow out of the character’s head. With every rotation, the hair will grow longer. Of course, stuffing the thimble with as much clay possible in the eginning allows for longer tresses.
Kids can use the plastic scissor to cut the hair down to any length they wish. They can also use the styling mold to set the hair in spikes or a cute bob. The styling molds fit onto the thimble’s head like a helmet, giving the messy hair a clean cut. However, hands can be the best available tools for kids, allowing them to shape a fringe, a handlebar mustache or a goatee with their nimble fingers.

The Play-Doh Crazy Cuts play set is a great way to inspire the artist within your child. The molding set, colors, and clay are similar to the tools a sculptor might use. Moreover, a tactile set like this one is a great way for 3 year olds to explore the world with their hands and learn elementary skills like counting on their fingers.

Play-Doh Crazy Cuts is also a unique introduction to fashion. Kids can now learn to style their own unique look through the crazy experiments they conduct with clay!