PlaSmart Smart MatIf only there was some way to express to you over this computer how enthralled, enamored, and ecstatic my son is over toy cars. He looks at them, displays them, and—of course—plays with them. Yet, something was missing in his toy car world: a good playmat. So I was excited to discover the PlaSmart Smart Mat and Wonky Wheels.

I think my son’s car love is hereditary, as my brother had the same love of engines. He had a plastic mat with simple drawings of buildings that he used to create stories and adventures around with his cars. My son now uses it when we travel to visit. However, the plastic is hard to drive on and it can bunch and move when playing on it, increasing the frustration level. Yet, this new PlaSmart Smart Mat is made from coated EVA foam. It is soft to sit on yet, firm to play on, and the material makes it easy to wipe up a spilled juice box.

The size is perfect. Big enough for two preschoolers to play on, yet not so big that it takes up your entire family room. I also found it easy to roll up (I just tie with some fabric ribbon to keep it rolled when not in use).

The Smart Mat is available in two designs: Happyville, which reminds me of a suburban neighborhood and features images of schools, car washes, and drive-throughs; and Castletown, which is reminiscent of a kingdom with images of cottages, turrets, and fields.

The pattern on the mat repeats itself a few times, which is great for multi-child play, as kids won’t fight over who gets to go to school and who gets to bring the car to the car wash.

PlaSmart.WonkyWheelsWonky Wheels, also from PlaSmart, are the perfect companions for the Smart Mat. Kids can drive the cars around using only one finger. The wheels have a great turning radius (which would make any luxury car manufacturer proud!), making the car responsive to little fingers.

With both the Wonky Wheels and the Smart Mat, little car lovers can live their motor dreams!