With Fairy Tale Blocks, from Plan Toys, kids can create their own version of happily ever after. The Castle Blocks set includes a prince, wooden knights, horses, and a variety of colored and non-colored blocks totaling 35 pieces.

Monkey Bowling features five funky monkey pins and a monkey ball. Kids must knock down as many of the pins as they can to win. Kids can watch the marble balls and hear the click clack sound when they roll down the curvy tracks with Curvy Click Clack. The dimple details are designed to slow down the balls and ball holders are provided on the base.

The Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture is an eco-friendly dollhouse featuring two units, a larger unit with three levels and a smaller unit with two levels, which can be rearranged. The skylight roof comes with two movable staircases and is easy to access from every side. The entire set comes with five sets of furniture, including living room, bathroom, kitchen, children’s bedroom, and master bedroom. The dollhouse is designed for kids ages 3 and up.