It’s just a shake, rattle and roll.

With the PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers Track Playset kids shake Romeo’s Lab and the Cat-Car, hear the vehicles rev and rattle, and then watch them roll through the track as they race each other. As part of the PJ Masks Nighttime Adventure Toys line from Just Play, this set has glow-in-the-dark features and hidden surprises along the way.

As usual, Catboy is here to save the night from the always-dangerous Romeo and his accomplices, Luna Girl and Night Ninja. When the Cat-Car and Romeo’s Lab are placed on the launch pad, there are launching guards to hold them back before the race begins. When kids press the launch button, the race begins. The lower level and upper level of the track interconnect so it’s a circular race.

The track is fairly simple to assemble. There are about a dozen pieces to the track that all fit together with ease, and a few fun stickers to add to the nighttime feel of the set. The best part is just turn on the cars, hearing the familiar sounds from the show, and letting them race on their own. They have some decent speed to them as well, so make sure little hands don’t try to slip in the track while they’re racing away.

The cars race around the track a few times until the cars stop on their own. Kids can either shake them again to get them rolling where the left off, or place them back on the launch pad to start a new race. Along the way, a moon pops up when the cars go over a speed bump and the top level has a bridge with a lever of Luna Girl floating on her hoverboard. When the lever is lifted the bridge lifts to allow the cars to go down on the lower track to mix up the leader of the race.

Different sections of the track glow in the dark, since Catboy is always saving the world at night. The headquarters stand has spots for Owlette and Gekko figures kids are sure to have lying around, so they can watch as Catboy races and make sure he doesn’t get tripped up by Romeo along the way. There are also Rev-N-Rumble Owl Gliders and Gekko-Mobiles that glow in the dark sold separately.

The PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers Track Playset is perfect for any fan looking to beef up their collection of the ultimate nighttime heroes.