PJ Masks Mega RoverEveryone’s favorite kid heroes — Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy — return this week for a third season of PJ Masks. While the PJ Masks team takes on the baddies on screen, kids ages 3 and up can create their own super adventures at home with new PJ Masks toys from Just Play.

Last season’s Super Moon Adventure continues with the Mega Rover (pictured above), a six-wheeled vehicle that features lights and sounds, launching missiles, and more. The rover comes with a Catboy figure, but the front of the truck has seats for all three heroes.

The back of the rover has plenty of space, too, which kids can use to haul other PJ Masks vehicles and gear, or as a cage to hold the baddies once they’re captured. There are PJ Masks-themed wings on the sides of the rover, which fold down for storage.

Power Racers

For more on-the-go action, kids can collect the PJ Masks Power Racers. These are racecar-inspired takes on the Owl Glider, Cat-Car, and Gekko-Mobile that kids can push to roll and race. The vehicles’ fat tires make them hard to tip and easier to control. Each Power Racer (sold separately) seats the one included PJ Masks figure.

PJ Masks Mission Control

Kids can really get into the PJ Masks action with the Mission Control HQ Playset. The three-tier set opens up to be more than 18 inches tall, revealing rooms themed for each hero. The set comes with a Catboy figure, a Romeo figure, and accessories for all three heroes.

There are tons of fun features built into the set for kids to discover, including a corkscrew pole for the figures to ride down, a feather dart launcher, and a trap door to catch baddies. The middle level also features a control panel with a button kids can push to hear part of the PJ Masks theme song and character phrases from the show.

With any or all of these super toys, kids can play out their favorite PJ Masks moments and go into the night to save the day!