The PJ Masks heroes are tiny but mighty, and the same goes for this new slate of toys from Just Play. Watch out, nighttime baddies, because kids everywhere will be on their way, into their toy boxes to save the day!

Kids can go on new nighttime adventures with the PJ Masks Nighttime Micros Trap & Escape playsets. There are three tabletop playsets available, including Catboy vs. Romeo, Owlette vs. Luna Girl, and Gekko vs. Night Ninja

Each 6-inch-tall playset comes with two collectibles, depending on which duo of characters kids choose. The pint-sized figures stand in various action poses, very clearly ready to take on whatever the baddies have up their sleeves.

The playsets each come with a trap door, which is activated by pulling the tab on the rooftop and will send either Romeo, Luna Girl, or Night Ninja behind a cage door. And, kids can spin the scenery to change it from a daytime to a nighttime-themed playset.

But perhaps the most fun I had with the Micros Trap & Escape sets was the lever on the rooftop. When kids press the lever, it will launch the figures and send them flying into their new mischievous plans.

Kids can choose from their favorite hero/baddie duo, or collect all three to build out the ultimate miniature world of PJ Masks.


The fun doesn’t stop there. Kids can add a new location to their PJ Masks city with the Nighttime Micros Romeo’s Lair Playset

Unlike the Trap & Escape sets, this fold-and-go tabletop playset features two levels of play. The outside of Romeo’s Lair features the baddie’s iconic silhouette outside of the building, a satellite, and a door. It comes with Nighttime Micros Catboy and Romeo figures, and accessories like barrels, a ladder, and a launcher. If kids already have the other micros collectibles, the other heroes and baddies can join in on the action-packed adventures.

While entering the front door is polite, it’s not a particularly good idea when you’re going for the element of surprise. Kids can make Catboy climb through the window and down the ladder to enter the lair. The platform cans send fires launching, but they must be careful to not land in Romeo’s shrink machine. The playset also includes Romeo’s command center on the second floor.

When playtime is over, this set conveniently folds up. Parents everywhere can count this as a major win because this makes sure that no pieces are lost and gives an easy storage option.

The new PJ Masks Glow Wheelers also add to the whole nighttime theme. Kids can collect Catboy’s Cat-Car, Owlette’s Owl-Glider, and Gekko’s Gekko-Mobile.

PJ Masks fans will notice the slightly upgraded designs to each vehicle, like new front bumpers and tail wings.

Kids can pull each car back to rev, set, and watch it go into action. When kids press the button on each car, the Cat-Car, Owl-Glider, or Gekko-Mobile will light up and activate realistic sound effects. The bumpers and the chassis will glow, making sure they are ready to speed into the night. While kids can’t put any figures inside of the cars, the illuminated feature seriously upgrades each vehicle.

With this new PJ Masks assortment from Just Play, kids can recreate scenes from the show or put on their PJs and go on totally new adventures.