The PJ Masks are on their way into the night to save… summer vacation travel!

The PJ Masks Fold ‘n Go Headquarters Playset, from Just Play, is a dynamic three-level headquarters that looks like it does in the show. Made for kids ages 3 and up, the HQ is a smaller, portable version of the epic PJ Masks Headquarters Playset from a few years ago.

This miniature play set comes with a lot of value with four figures, including Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and our favorite baddie Romeo. Each figure stands on a small pedestal in his or her action-packed stance. It also comes with five accessories: a catapult, the furball for said catapult, and three crates.

As soon as kids open up the set, they can swivel the ladder down, set up different scenarios to keep intruders away, and get ready for some crime-fightin’ play. The figures and accessories are perfect for recreating different scenes from the show. There’s a surprising amount of detail packed into this play set, from the designs of each level to the embossed piece that opens up the HQ. I had a lot of fun using the catapult to launch the furball: If you press hard enough, it really gets some good height.

But the best part, you ask? Every hero needs to quickly pack up to go on adventures, so all kids need to do is swivel the ladder up, place their figures and accessories on the three levels, and snap the opening closed. Ta-da! Now it’s ready for travel or to throw in a backpack, and there’s a space toward the top of the set for kids to use as a handle. That’s a double win in my book.

The PJ Masks Fold ‘n Go Headquarters Playset is the perfect travel toy for every PJ Masks fan.