Grab your jammies and suit up! This brand new line of toys, books, bikes, and more inspired by the hit preschool show PJ Masks is enough to transform any fan into a hero! All of these toys — which are brand-new for this holiday season — will appeal to both parents and their little PJ Masks fans, so they’re a win-win for everyone (except maybe the night-time villains).

Just Play’s PJ Masks-themed playsets are always great because they truly look like they popped right out of your TV screen. The durable sets reflect what kids are seeing on TV, so when these playsets hit your playroom, kids can feel like they are recreating their favorite moments from the show.

The Romeo’s Flying Factory Playset (pictured at the top) is no different. Not only does it look like it’s straight from the show, but it has wheels that really roll. The set opens to reveal a secret lair and includes a lights and sounds control panel, a working crane, a laser launcher, and a drone. With all of these added features, kids will truly be able to recreate Romeo getting ready to rule the sky — and then bringing in their own PJ Masks heroes to save the day.

To really add to the mad-scientist nature of the playset, it also includes Romeo’s greatest gadgets: The Squashatron and The Sniff-O-Whiff. Romeo may be the night-time villain, but his gadgets are fun for everyone. This set also comes with a 3-inch Catboy figure and a 3-inch Romeo figure, both of which are articulated for kids to recreate their favorite adventures — or come up with new ones! The added bonus of having not just one, but two figures included in the set definitely makes this set worth the price point.


Ages: 3+
MSRP: $49.99
Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

Just Play also flies into action with the PJ Masks Save the Sky vehicle assortment. Each of these vehicles comes with a 3-inch articulated Catboy, Owlette, or Gekko and a new vehicle. Of course, the vehicles are inspired by the show. They feature the new, sleek design and discreet wheels that really roll. Plus, the wheels roll very smoothly and the small vehicles are incredibly durable, so kids can play over and over again.

The PJ Masks figures fit right into the driver’s seat, so kids can roll or fly off to save the day. The vehicles are sold separately, which add a collectiblilty factor — kids can collect all three heroes to build up their own pajama-clad squad. Kids can also add their new vehicles to their existing arsenal of PJ Masks toys to build out their pretend adventures even more.


Ages: 3+
MSRP: $12.99 each
Available: Catboy (Amazon, Walmart); Owlette (Amazon, Walmart); Gekko (Amazon, Walmart)

A new PJ Masks book from Simon & Schuster, Speed Into Action, serves as kids’ formal invitation to the fastest race of all time: the Moon Prix! The PJ Masks face off against the night-time villains in a high-stakes mission to save Catboy’s Cat-Car. Kids can follow along with the story for an epic race to the finish line.

But the benefits of this novelty book expand (literally!) beyond the storyline. The book features lift-the-flaps, a pop-up, and a steering wheel on the front cover — incredibly cool! — that kids can steer throughout the book. These tactile additions give kids a more in-depth experience on this story-driven adventure, keeping them engaged. Parents will love that this added fun will also encourage kids to read over and over again — inspiring them to practice their literacy skills.  With this book, reading really is “fun”-damental.


Ages: 3-6
MSRP: $14.99
Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Thanks to Pacific Cycle, the PJ Masks heroes aren’t the only ones getting a cool ride upgrade this holiday season. Your little hero can jump onto the PJ Masks 12-inch Kids’ Bike and spring into action to save the day. Not only is the bike covered in fantastic PJ Masks graphics and colors (Check out those cool training wheels!), but it also features the PJ Masks characters themselves as well as fun phrases such as “Ready for Action” and “We’re on our way!”

Since most PJ Masks fans are on the younger side, this bike is built to serve as a great beginner ride. The training wheels are removable and the seat can be adjusted without any tools, so it’s very easy for this bike to grow with kids. Parents, that means you’re getting more playtime for your money!

Other bike features include the single-speed drivetrain and the coaster (or pedal) brake, which means that it’s simple for kids to learn to ride, which helps them to become confident bike riders. With a fun handlebar plate; a flashy, laser-printed seat; and all those great safety features, this ride knocks it out of the park for kids and parents alike.


Ages: 2-4
MSRP: $70
Available: Walmart

With the PJ Masks Toddler Helmets from Bell Helmets, kids can take Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko along for the ride, too. The bright graphics will make any PJ Masks fan want to be safe as they’re out there protecting the neighborhood. It features all three characters (so the gang is all here!) and fun graphics from the show. Plus, the bold colors ensure that kids are riding in style.

As far as technical features go, it has four vents for cooling; TrueFit, one-step adjustment, PinchGuard buckling; and extended rear coverage so it’s kid-safe and parent-approved. Although the helmet is recommended for kids ages 3-5, it’ll fit most kids with heroes’ heads that measure 48-52 centimeters.


Ages: 3+
MSRP: $19.99
Available: Walmart

Your little heroes will absolutely love teaming up with the PJ Masks squad in whatever way fits their style. Whether they’re biking, zooming, or flying into action, kids will be sure to save the day!