New year, new toys, amiright? Get ready to rrr-rumble with the PJ Masks Die Cast Track Set.

Last year, Just Play released some wickedly awesome PJ Masks race track sets. We’ve seen (and loved!) PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset, where kids can cruise their car through the front doors of a museum, or PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers Track Playset, a glow-in the dark circular multi-leveled race track. But now…*drum roll* please, we have a new high-speed adventure track rolling in. Folks, this is not your typical loop-de-loop race track—it’s way more daring!

The PJ Masks Die Cast Track Set is an ultimate thrill race track (I mean c’mon, it’s called Die Cast). PJ fans will get the opportunity to race a Die Cast Cat-Car all along this unique course, which doesn’t resemble a traditional course, but rather designed for some rip-roaring action and NOT a friendly little drive. It’s designed so the Cat-Car crashes into a building or a robot during its drive. It’s designed for crashes. This set is for the kid who lives and breathes action, and yearns for an adrenaline rush during playtime.

The sleek Die Cast Cat-Car included is also a pretty sweet ride. (@Mercedes-Benz, please take notes.) Its lustrous blue exterior, its curved shape, its glossy decals…This is high-end design meets PJ Masks meets action movie hype. The perfect vehicle for such a wild adventure.

Rev this car to its limit and watch it do some stellar flips (but do not try this with your real car at home FYI). Launch the car through the building and watch it crash into Romeo’s robot waiting on the other side! Pull the flag and adjust the track to send the car soaring through the building windows to stop the Ninjalinos! Place the car on the side track to flip it into action. There are so many ways to play with this and so many daredevil adventures to have!

This set is compatible with all PJ Masks Die Cast vehicles (sold separately). Unlike other PJ Mask playsets, this set does not include PJ Mask character figures to play with (that way no one can get hurt!). Instead it includes one track playset with an adjustable launching ramp to propel that Cat-Car into the air, and one Die Cast Cat-Car.

If your PJ Masks fan wants more of a calmer play experience, there is always the PJ Masks Headquarter Playset where kids can pretend they’re at the actual HQ from the show with Cat Boy! No crashes whatsoever.

But as for now, see ya on the other side of the building!