There’s a spinning pizza in front of you. Toppings are flying everywhere. You’re surrounded by pizza chefs. Life is good.

Pizza Party Throwdown from Hog Wild Toys is a game of skill, chance, and a lot of pizza. Ideal for 1-4 players ages 6 and up, the goal is to make the perfect pizza for your customer. Players will race to land as many of their toppings on the rotating pizza as they can before time runs out.

The game comes with a pizza base, a pizza pie plate, and a delicious looking cardboard pizza. Here’s the lowdown on the throwdown: Players are assigned to a chef and topping — pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and anchovies — and will use their chef’s bendy pizza peel to launch their topping onto the pie. The toppings have a silicone feel to them, so they satisfyingly stick to game board.

Practice does make perfect, and I highly recommend for players to have a practice round before they begin the game! Beware: The toppings can fly far and wide, so learning the perfect positioning of your chef is a key skill to success. And, trust me, when you land a topping on the pizza, the feeling is truly *chef’s kiss.*

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The best part about Pizza Party Throwdown is that there are multiple plays to way and that you’re in charge for how long you want the game to last. There are three levels of difficulty — easy, medium, and hard — and no matter which version you’re playing, the player who lands the most toppings wins. In easy, the whole pizza pie is fair game. Whoever lands the most toppings anywhere on the pie in 20 seconds is the supreme chef. In next level of difficulty, the customer’s order calls for half pepperoni and anchovy, half peppers and mushroom (count me in for the latter half). Players have 40 seconds to land their topping in their half of the pie. The hardest round limits your landing space to just one-quarter of the pie with one minute to do so.

The game is family-friendly for players of all ages. The time limits of each round really amp up the competitiveness, and dare I say, even gave me some jitters when I knew I was behind and tried to beat the clock and my competitors. And, if your topping lands on a line between two different quadrants or halves, you’ll break the tie with a classic game of roshambo (or, rock, paper, slice in this case!).

If the line, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore,” is true, then Pizza Party Throwdown is my amore.