Pizza Co. | Source: Osmo

Pizza party, anyone? Kids can make pretend pizza, learn math while giving customers change, and (hopefully) make profits when they run their very own cartoon pizza shop with Osmo’s new Pizza Co. set.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the set combines actual hand-held pieces and digital play when parents connect their own iPad or Fire Tablet to activate the game. No WiFi is necessary to play, but parents will need to attach an Osmo Base and a tablet (both not included) to get started. Kids can then learn how to run their own pizza shop, making pizza for customers, collecting payments, making change in dollars and coins, and learning how profitable their business can be. 

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The games will teach kids about addition, subtraction, fractions, mental math, design skills and communication skills as they practice math and critical thinking skills to create a successful pizza business. Kids can be their own boss as they learn how to run and grow a business, saving up their profits to invest in upgrading their shop. Players will pick up nonverbal communication skills as they decipher how customers like their pizza from the facial and body language they make as they lay down toppings. If kids get it wrong, customers will leave a grumpy review, but if they get it right, customers will get excited. Real-time audio and visual feedback helps kids learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.

For $49.99, the set includes a pretend pizza, a tray, toppings, money tiles, a stackable storage bins for the game pieces, and access to the game app.