MadameAlexander.ThePixieDoodlesTypically, dolls allow kids to engage in some role-play fun and imaginative play. But Madame Alexander is bringing a new level of creativity into doll play, thanks to a partnership with Crayola. Cue Pixie Doodles Fairies, a design-your-own doll set that lets kids use Crayola sketch pens to design and decorate their fairy’s wings and dress.

Each 9-inch doll set includes a Pixie Doodle poseable doll, one fairy dress for doodling, one set of detachable glitter-edged wings for decorating, sparking colored gems, and two Crayola markers.

I spent time playing with the Purple Pizzaz Fairy, also known as Zazzie. She has brilliant purple hair, lovely dark skin, and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Zazzie’s detachable fairy wings have a glittery, gold edge and her tutu skirt features purple tooling to match her hair. Zazzie’s complexion and gold-edged wings allowed me to go for bold and bright colors and patterns when decorating her dress, complimenting her looks even further. Zazzie’s dress also features light black outlines to guide kids ages 3 and up as they color.

ColoringKids can collect all the Pixie Doodle fairies, including Jazberry (pink), Sizzling Tangerine (orange), B’Dazzled (blue), and the Misty (green). Each fairy looks beautiful in her own color, driving home the message of diversity and that beauty comes in different forms.

Though the markers are permanent, kids can extend the creative fun with Pixie Doodles add-on packs, that include new blank dresses, wings, and more stylish pieces for kids to color in.

Doodling and decorating a doll can be a great way for kids, parents, and siblings to spend time together and get creative. Kids take pride in their dolls, and these sets allow their prized possessions to look even better, and might even inspire them to get involved in designing and fashion. Plus, Pixie Doodles inspire hands-on play, resulting in lots of added play value.