One dash unicorn, just a touch of lemur, and a healthy sprinkling of fairy dust. What’s it a recipe for? Fun!

The Pixie Belles, from WowWee, are a mashup of everything you need for a good time. These supernatural creatures dance, play music, and have a light-up horn that changes colors with their mood. All of the hues of the rainbow shine brightly.

Each of the four characters is always ready to party with six different dance moves. The Pixie Belle plays music and dances around while its horn lights up to the beat. There are three play modes, and kids can press the heart on its chest to switch between them. In nurture mode, it sits somewhat calmly and reacts to love. Spin mode is the most chaotic choice: Watch closely before it falls off a table!

Tap the Pixie Belle on the head when it’s spinning to activate emergency mode. This calms the Pixie Belle down and keeps it waiting for your sound or touch to activate its next move.


Its tail can get a little tangled when it’s dancing around, but that is an easy fix. Take off the tail, and it doubles as a cool accessory for kids! It can turn into a fun and fluffy scrunchie, keychain, or bracelet.

Choose between Layla, Rosie, Esme, or Aurora!