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Following the positive pixie popularity of the interactive Pixie Belles from WowWee last fall, the pixie patch is growing with Pixie Belles Babies this spring. These are cute, collectible creatures that bloom from enchanted petal pods.

These new and ultra-wearable Pixie Belles Babies are magic micro-sized blind-box collectibles. While the original Pixie Belles have four known characters, the Pixie Belles Babies are a surprise — and kids don’t know which one of the 25 they will get!

The Pixie Belles sit on a shoulder, but the Pixie Belles Babies perch on a finger — more specifically, set on a stylish ring. Wear one baby on the petal pod ring or neatly stack a few petal pods. Let your Pixie Belles baby-brood grow!

Another fabulous feature is that you can spin the baby on the ring, which is a fun fidget, too. When not spinning and blinging on the molded plastic ring, place your Pixie inside their petal pod or on top of it.

Each of the Pixie Belles Babies is made of strong plastic with big baby eyes, super soft tails, and unique coloring. The tails are permanently attached, but you can mix and match your baby with another pod or another ring if you want a different colored base. Plus, there four rarity levels to find — Popular; Rare; Legendary, and the Limited Edition Glow-in-the-dark Pixie Belles Baby. There is a lot of cool collectibility potential, and are even mini versions of Layla, Rosie, Esme, and Aurora from the popular original Pixie Belles!

Not only can kids wear their Pixie Belle Babies, but they are fun to trade, too! Yet, the cuteness of these critters makes them perfect for playdates. They can provide endless role-playing fun. So don’t underestimate these pretty pixies: They may be glam, but they pack a playful punch, too.

Whether you wear a baby on one finger, decorate each digit, or stack them low or stack them high, Pixie Belles Babies are pint-size perfection!