Pinxies Vet Care Center | Source: Luki Lab

Kids can help fantastical creatures get back to flying high using the magic of imagination and top-tier vet tools with the Pinxies Vet Care Center from Luki Lab!

The Pinxies Vet Care is an easy-to-build construction set, which is about 11 inches tall and 10 inches wide when built. Kids ages 6 and up simply connect the included lightweight cardboard panels using plastic connector pieces included inside the box.

There are technically 110 pieces included in the set. However, a lot of them are extra connectors in case others get lost, so it only takes around half an hour for kids to build the vet center itself using the directions included in the box. There are also pieces in the box that kids can assemble to create 3D figures of a unicorn, a flamingo, a qilin, an owl griffin, and a flying pig.

Pinxies Vet Care Center Koral and the animals | Source: Luki Lab

The pink-and-purple walls of the care center have everything vets in training need to treat the magical creatures that they built. The Pinxies Vet Care Center is a brightly colored temporary home for ailing majestical creatures, decorated with adorable hearts and charts like a real vet’s hospital.

While assembling the Vet Care Center is a great activity for kids, there is so much more fun to explore through imaginative play! The set also comes with pieces to assemble a comfy bed and X-ray machine that Pinxies adventurer and vet Koral can use inside the veterinary examination room, as well as bubble stickers that are soft and thicker than regular stickers and can fit in Koral’s hands. The bubble stickers include a vet’s stethoscope, a mask, bandages, a thermometer, and other useful tools that Koral can use for check-ups.

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Koral can help kids learn how to keep notes and track their pet’s health as they learn about what the many tools in Koral’s vet hospital are used for! Kids can use Koral, her many accessories, and the included animal figures to come up with different medical scenarios and create their own ways to treat a magical animal in need. This playset is also a great conversation starter for a lesson about animals and how to care for pets at home.

The pieces in the Pinxies Vet Care Center can also be used with other Pinxies construction kits (sold separately) to create a larger world for even more imaginative play. The Pinxies Vet Care Center can be the first step for aspiring veterinarians to practice fixing animals up with a lot of love and a little magic!