Buffalo Games PinballYou ain’t seen nothing like this in any amusement hall…

Buffalo Games’ Tabletop Pinball is all the classic pinball action you love without the huge, heavy, bulky hardware. You can easily set this up and get a pinball game going on any table, floor, or flat surface around the house — and once you’re done playing, it can easily be packed up and put away.

Setup is truly a breeze. The supports snap easily into the bottom of the pinball table. Slide the backboard in and you’re ready to play. Yep — it’s that easy.

The set comes with 13 pinballs: 10 that fit in the launcher and then three extra because, well, you’re bound to lose one or two. They come in a plastic storage bag so that you can keep them all neatly together before putting them back in the box to avoid having them roll all over.

Once you’re all set up, you can play however your heart desires. Wanna play solo? Go for it. Take turns with friends? You can do that, too. There are different obstacles on the table that feature different point values. Instead of holes, there’s a groove for the pinball to sit in. Land the ball in the groove and you’ll score the allotted points.

Buffalo Games Pinball Set Up

Pro tip: Definitely slide the backboard into the table when you set it up. I launched a pinball pretty far off the table with the paddles. Although it features no electronic capabilities, it’s a bit on the louder side as you play, so if you’re setting it up for kids, make sure it’s not so that you can get some relaxing “quiet time” in.

The retro styling really makes this pinball game fun. The quality of both the colorful graphics and the durable obstacles ensure that you’ll be able to play over and over again, and it won’t easily peel or chip.

So get ready to sharpen your pinball skills in this fun, stripped down version of the classic arcade game. You’ll be a pinball wizard in no time.